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1.2. VPN- Windows 10 PC

Connect to VPN: Windows/PC


Step 1) Open the Start Menu and type/search VPN


Step 2) Click Add a VPN connection.



Step 3) In the Add a VPN connection please ensure the following:

            Press Save.



Step 4) After the VPN connection has been created, click Change adapter options under Related settings.


Step 5) Right-click on VPN Connection from the list of adapters and click Properties



Step 6) In the Security tab, select Require encryption (disconnect if sever declines) 

Then, select Allow these protocols under Authentication. From the list of protocols, check Unencrypted password (PAP), and uncheck all other options.


Step 7) Click on Advanced settings.



Step 8) In the Advanced Properties select the Use preshared key for authentication and enter the preshared key: BWSvpn90049



Step 9) Back at the Network Connections window, right-click on the VPN connection and click Connect / Disconnect.

Find your VPN profile and click Connect.




Step 10) Enter your username and password. Click OK.


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