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1.3. VPN - Windows 11 PC

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and type/search VPN and select VPN Settings

Step 2: Click Add VPN button

Step 3: In the Add a VPN connection window enter the following information:

Then click Save

Step 4: After the VPN has been created, click the arrow next to it and select Advanced Options.

Step 5:  Click the Edit button next to More VPN Properties.

Step 6: Select the Security tab at the top and select the following options:

Click OK

Step 7:  The VPN is now created. To Connect to the VPN:

  1. Select the network/wifi icon on the windows taskbar, click the VPN button and select Brentwood VPN.


  2. Open the Start menu and search Network Connections and click View Network Connections.
    Right Click the Brentwood VPN and select Connect/Disconnect


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