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3.1. Changing your Sound Settings

Sometimes, you will need to manually change your sound settings on your MacBook when connecting to a SmartBoard, projector or monitor. Follow the steps below to see how!

1. Turn on the display.

2. Turn on your MacBook.

3. Connect your MacBook using the black USB-C cable. Many spaces in Brentwood School have a connection ready for you to plug into.

The most common connection is a black USB-C cable as seen below.

4. On your Desktop, go to the top right corner. Next to the Date and Time, click on the slide buttons.

This is your MacBook's "Control Center".

5. In the Control Center menu, click on Sound

6. In the list of Outputs, make sure the SmartBoard, projector or external speakers is highlighted blue. 

Note: the output name may vary, so make sure to test the output by playing audio on your MacBook. 

If you still cannot output sound, try restarting your MacBook. If audio will still not play, please contact the Helpdesk at 310-889-2734 or submit a request on help.bwscampus.com.



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