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2.2. Reset your Password

If you forgot your Gmail password or want to reset it, follow the instructions below!

Please note: if you are a current student, please reach out to Helpdesk to reset your Gmail password by submitting a request on help.bwscampus.com.

1. Visit bwscampus.onelogin.com

2. Click on Forgot Password?

3. Type in your full BWS email address. Click Continue

4. Select your Authentication Factor.

If you do not have your Authentication Factor (MFA or Multi-factor Authentication) set up on your account, you will receive an error at this step. Please follow these steps to learn more. 

5. After successfully completing your selected Authentication Factor, reset your password. Click Submit.

Please note: your new password should be at least 8 characters long. We recommend using a mix of letters and numbers. Do not share your BWS email password with others.

9. After you change your password, log in with your full BWS email address and your new password.

If you have any issues changing your passwords, please submit a Helpdesk ticket on help.bwscampus.com.

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