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1. WiFi Access

1.1. BWS Wireless Networks

Below is a guide to understanding the various wireless networks you may see while on campus:


This network is pre-configured for school-owned and issued devices only (such as faculty laptops).

BWS Students

This network is pre-configured for school-owned, students public use devices (such as shared classroom computers) and 1:1 laptops, only.


This network is for connecting personal devices (such as mobile phones). You can log in using your network username and password.


This network is for visitors to campus that do not have a username and password. No login is required; simply agree to the terms and connect.

1.2. Connecting to Guest WiFi

After submitting a request to Access the Guest WiFi, please follow the instructions below or download the same instructions to print via the .pdf:



1.3. Faculty/Staff WiFi Connection Instructions

Faculty and Staff Wireless Network

For your convenience, Brentwood School provides wireless access to the Internet on your Personal Devices. Follow these steps to connect and authenticate to our wireless network:
On your Device, join the "EagleNet" wireless network.

Open your web browser and browse to any page. You should be prompted for a Username/Password Consent Form (***IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY, visit www.neverssl.com or https://www.bwscampus.com/ ***)

In the username and password fields, enter: Username: yourusername (the part before the "@bwscampus.com") Password: yournetworkpassword (same password you use to check your email)
If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Help Desk at ext 1234.