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4.2. Smudges due to thicker paper


On the printer do the following:

1. Go to the main menu and press the right arrow to go to the next page.

2. Choose "Settings"

3. Choose "Tray Paper Settings"

4. Press the "Next" button to go to page 2/4.

5. Choose "Paper Type: Bypass Tray"

6. Choose "Coated: Matte" then whichever thick paper setting you want, then press "OK"

At the Print screen on your computer do the following:

1. Open the print screen and click "Print Settings"

2. Click on "Layout" to open the drop down menu. Select "Printer features"

3. Change Feature Sets to "Paper" and change Paper Type to "Coated Matte" or the paper type you are using

4. Click print when ready

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