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4.4. Remove Browser Extensions

Disabling or Removing Chrome Browser Extensions

If your Chrome browser starts redirecting to odd pages or showing ads when you click a link, most often this is not caused by a virus, but by the addition of a Browser Extension.

You can disable or remove any unwanted Browser Extensions by following the steps below:

1. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand portion of your Chrome window:

2. In the menu that appears, mouse-over the More Tools item and click on Extensions from the new list that appears:

3. Find any of the Browser Extensions that you don’t recognize and disable them (via the switch in the lower right hand corner of the boxed description) or click the Remove button to delete them:

4. Quit Chrome and re-open it for the changes to take place:

5. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, call the helpdesk (X1234, Option 1) for further assistance.

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