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3.1. Update Patron Photos

To upload new/updated photos into Destiny:

1. Request photos from Communications department in desired size (20KB) with ID numbers as the file name  They can obtain these from the school photographer or convert in-house if time allows.

2. Create import file in required format* (export may be obtained from our SIS; you can request this from the Tech Department or Richard Payan). In EE there is an export saved for current 7-12 names "Library Export for Photo Update" that can be used to create the above file. If needed you can request assistance with formatting the file or see attached instructions for converting from CSV to TXT and modifying format.

3. Process the upload (see library for specific steps in Destiny application).

*More information regarding the import is below

From Destiny:

About the map file
The picture-to-patron map file links each image file to the appropriate patron record. This file may be provided by a photography service, such as Lifetouch National School Studios or Herff Jones, or you can create it yourself.

In any case, it is important to verify that the map file is formatted and named correctly:

Note: For optimal uploading, we recommend that the size of each picture file be approximately 20 KB.

The following is a sample of a picture-to-patron map file:


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