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1.1. SMART Panel Troubleshooting

First Step:

  1. Restarting the display is the best, first thing to try whenever you encounter any issues. Hold down the power (or power/sleep) button on the bottom bezel of the display.

Wired Connection Display:

  1. If your computer's screen is not showing, check that the panel is set to display from the correct input (generally HDMI 1).
  2. Make sure your computer is  securely connected to the HDMI or Thunderbolt cables. If applicable, make sure the HDMI or USB input modules lights are on (Amber or Green).
  3. If the panel shows your computer screen's background, but not the items on its desktop, check the System Preferences/Displays/Arrangement settings to manage Mirrored Screen or Extended Screen modes.
  4. If applicable, check that the computer dock that your computer is connected to is connected to power.

Wired Connection Touch Interaction:

  1. Make sure that the USB cable connection to the dock or computer is secure.
  2. Run the SMART Settings app on your computer and use the Connection Wizard to re-establish interactive connectivity between your computer and the SMART Panel.
  3. Restart your computer.

Wireless Connection  Display

  1. If you are wirelessly casting (Airplay), make sure your laptop is connected to the BWSFacStaff wifi.
  2. Select Screen Share on the SMART Panel from the SMART Panel's onscreen interface.
  3. Touch the "Reset Screen Share" button on the SMART Panel's onscreen interface.

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