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1.1. Drawing with pen leaves gaps (North Quad Rooms)

Sometimes when trying to use the pens on the smartboards in the north quad, there will be gaps (appear as if the pen is running out of ink) One attempt to fix this is to calibrate the cameras. To do this:

  1. Press the SMART Board icon in the system tray (Windows operating system) or Dock (Macintosh operating system), and select Control Panel.
  2. The SMART Board Control Panel opens.
  3. Press SMART Board Settings.
  4. The SMART Board Settings dialog box appears.
  5. From the Hardware Info & Settings list, select Advanced Settings.
  6. The Edit Advanced Board Settings dialog box appears.
  7. Press the Calibrate button.
  8. The four-point calibration screen appears.
  9. Press the center of each target and hold until the target moves to the next calibration point.
  10. After you press the final target, the orientation screen appears.
  11. Complete the orientation.
  12. Press OK.

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