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3.5. Re-enrollment Caching Issues

Re-enrollment Caching Issues

If you login to Eagle Eye, and click on the "Re-enrollment 2015/2016" button, but don't see any form links available on the page that follows, it is typically due to the web browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) caching page data from a prior login session.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions below:

1. Sign out of Eagle Eye. Go to the File menu of your web browser and close or quit the program completely. Simply closing the window or "X-ing out" still allows the program to run in the background (especially on Mac's) and will not allow the web page data to update correctly.

2. Reopen your web browser, sign back in to Eagle Eye, and proceed to re-enrollment. If you still do not see the options you are expecting to see (Online re-enrollment process form, for example), then continue to step 3.

3. Sign out of Eagle Eye again and clear your browsers web cache, quit the program completely and relaunch. Sign back in and proceed to re-enrollment. You should now see all options.


Click below for instructions on how to clear your browser cache:

Internet Explorer





If you are still experiencing issues, please call the Brentwood Helpdesk at 310-889-2734

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